Thursday, March 1, 2007

Plans for Lent

Here are some of the things we are doing (or planning on doing) for Lent:

  • During Advent we enjoy doing a Jesse Tree, a felt banner on which we place little symbols and read an accompanying passage of Scripture. A dear friend gave me this pattern to make a Lenten Jesus Tree which you can see here. My banner came out kind of lame, but the kids are loving putting the symbols on each day.

  • One of the many resources I use to teach religion is the Home Catechesis albums from Our Father's House. These are hands-on montessori presentations of the Catholic faith. We are working through the presentations for Lent, starting with Jesus in the Desert. You can see Mary Gabriella working with the desert box materials and hopefully reflecting on the Scripture.

  • We are trying to force paper white bulbs. Hopefully they will bloom by Easter to be a beautiful symbol of Christ rising from the tomb.
  • We all gave something up. Avery gave up toast. He doesn't like toast.
  • I am hoping to read through a psalm and have the children make illustrated books of it.
  • I might have the kids make a crown of thorns by putting toothpicks in a styrofoam wreath. For each sacrifice or good deed they could remove a thorn. On Easter morning the thorns will be replaced by silk flowers.
  • We might try drawing our own Stations of the Cross. I just ordered this book to inspire us to delve more deeply into this devotion.
  • And of course Reagan is preparing for his First Confession on March 14th!

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